Initial hook up and installation cost for internet services:

Equipment fee waived with a 1 year contract!

Purchase a modem for $50, or a modem with built in wireless router for $80.

$35 hook up fee.


$49.95per month
$49.95per month
  • -Basic web use
  • -Emails and surfing


$69.95per month
$69.95per month
  • -More active web use
  • -Web surfing

Gigacenter router available for a $10 monthly lease

$35 hook up fee

20 Mbps

$49.95per month
$49.95per month
  • -Good for 1 device streaming HD

50 Mbps

$59.95per month
$59.95per month
  • -Good 3+ devices streaming HD

100 Mbps

$89.95per month
$89.95per month
  • -Recommended for large households

250 Mbps

$109.95per month
$109.95per month
  • -Recommended for homes with 10+ streaming devices

1 Gig

$169.95per month
$169.95per month
  • -Best residential upload and download speed in the state

Some locations may not be able to attain all the speed packages advertised, our service representatives can help you find which speeds are available to you and will fit your lifestyle. Call Us At : 800-256-9740  All pricing in this residential section reflects “Residential Only Internet”. All pricing for businesses can be requested through our commercial sales department [email protected].


Gigacenter Wi-Fi

$10 Per Month


A high-functioning router for a secure wireless home network. Connect computers, laptops, gaming systems, tablets and other devices for a superior broadband experience.

  • All-in-one solution:

    Manage and monitor your internet data, devices and bandwidth consumption.

  • Advanced function:

    Control what your kids can access online and for how long. You also benefit from firewall and diagnostic tools.

  • Better Internet Experience:

    Enjoy better Wi-Fi coverage and fast internet speed.

  • Troubleshooting and Support Included:

    You can save money and time by avoiding possible technician trips. We can solve your internet problem from the office.