Star Communications is continually updating the network, which means faster and more reliable speeds for our customers. Customers can surf the web, watch videos, and game with ease.


We have been in the industry in Louisiana since 1952. You can count on us to get it right!


We don’t have caps, throttling, or price hikes. You don’t have to worry about surprise bills with us.


We have local techs on call should anything go wrong with your service. We also house our own technical support team available 24/7 to help you troubleshoot everything from connecting devices to getting the most out of your router.

The Keys of Star

About Star Communications

Star Telephone Company, Inc. was officially incorporated in the State of Louisiana in 1952. Today we do business as Star Communications. Almost 70 years later, Star Communications is still proud to provide quality, reliable service to the citizens in west central Louisiana.


Fiber Fast Speeds

We are dedicated to bringing the bayou the best internet possible. This means that we are working hard to update our equipment and improve our network daily.

We are currently building fiber optics to a number of different areas. Fiber is at the forefront of internet technology and we are excited to provide our customers with access to some of the fastest internet speeds available.Read More »

Local Support

Star Customers can count on our great customer service. We have our own technical support team that is available 24/7 and can help troubleshoot. We also have local techs that can be dispatched and fix problems quickly.

No Bait & Switch Pricing

You know exactly what you are going to get with our pricing. We don’t double our prices after 6 months of service.

Reliable Service

We are a local company that is invested in the growth of your business, and your town. We work hard to improve our network and provide consistent and honest service for you.