• Fast speeds, with no caps, throttling or overage costs
  • Local customer service
  • We are constantly working hard to upgrade our network to bring you the                  very best speeds possible


Home Telephone Service; $18.09*

  • *includes unlimited inbound calling, and unlimited local outbound, Long distance calls available with a provider of your choosing. Other features available upon request: Caller Id, Call waiting, Call forwarding, 3 Way calling, etc.
  • *Local, State and Federal taxes and fees apply, and can vary slightly month to month. These should add about $25-$30 per month.
  • A little savings can add up to a big payout! Save yourself some serious coin using our Long Distance service. No cost to make the switch!


Our Long Distance offerings:

  • Easy In” – $5 a month and 6 cents a minute
  • Discount 200” – $10 a month for 200 minutes – 5 cents a minute thereafter
  • Unlimited Coast to Coast” – $20 a month – Unlimited coast to coast calling


  • We are dedicated to bringing the bayou the best internet possible. This means that we are working hard to update our equipment and improve our network daily. We are currently building fiber optics to a number of different areas. Fiber is at the forefront of internet technology and we are excited to provide our customers with access to some of the fastest internet speeds available.


  • Star Communications offers other custom Internet and Telecommunications services in some rural south-central Louisiana areas, such as; High bandwidth or special requirement business connections, dark fiber leases, special circuits, ethernet and or dedicated circuits or paths, traditional T1s, static IP addresses, and more.
  • Test your internet speed: